Specialized Expertise

Business Law Attorney in Washington, D.C.

As a small business itself, the Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph understands that you want to accomplish your mission without wasting time on unproductive disputes or even learning curves outside your expertise. Too often disputes grow out of businesses failing to set up their relationships with solid, unambiguous contracts and organization documents.

While there are many business issues – such as tax law or many issues of intellectual property – where you will be able to get better advice from other lawyers, accountants, or other professionals, the Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph would be pleased to assist your business in the following areas:

• Contract negotiations.

• Contract disputes.

• Business-formation and operation documents such as LLC operating agreements.

• Partnership disputes.

Even on the issues in which the Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph is not equipped to serve as the first chair, however, we have helped business clients by engaging third-party experts and professionals on behalf of our clients.

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