Specialized Expertise

Administrative Law Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Many of the legal requirements that directly affect us come from administrative agencies, rather than Congress or state and local legislative bodies. The process by which these agencies make these regulations offer important opportunities to shape or revise those regulations. The Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph’s administrative-law work blends into other practice areas, such as litigation and amicus briefs, but also includes regulatory counseling, licensing, and rulemaking work:

• Rulemaking and petition procedures: work with administrative agencies to help them adopt or amend regulations by submitting comments or petitions.

• Regulatory litigation: litigation that seeks to overturn a federal or state agency's regulations or policies under the Administrative Procedure Act, the Declaratory Judgment Act, Section 1983, their state-law equivalents, and equity jurisdiction. (Often, you need to have raised an issue with the agency in commenting on the regulation before a court will allow a challenge on that issue.)

• Amicus briefs: participate in litigation by filing amicus curiae (or friend of the court) briefs in support of regulatory litigation.

• Regulatory counseling: advise regulated entities on complying with administrative regulations and on working with the agency to reform, amend, or repeal regulations.

• Licensing and permitting matters.

• Regulatory/legislative monitoring: monitor administrative or legislative developments to protect a client's interests.

Counsel at the firm are licensed to practice law in California and the District of Columbia, and thus before most federal agencies in all states. In addition, some states allow out-of-state lawyers to participate in agency procedures.

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