Whether you need our environmental law attorney to help secure your operating permits or you simply want counsel on retainer for advice on the shifting regulatory laws in Washington, DC, Mr. Joseph always strives to get results. Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph is here to aid you by doing due diligence in dealing with any of the issues that you may run up against when operating a large or small company or a trade association.

Mr. Joseph supports industry, trade associations, and public-interest groups in ensuring that courts, legislatures, and agencies consider their views in setting policies, enforcing the law, and issuing permits. Contact Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph if you are in need of help with:

  • Clean Air and Clean Water Issues
  • Chemical and Pesticide Regulations
  • Enforcement and Permitting Issues
  • Rulemaking and Policy-Setting Advice
  • State, Federal, or Administrative Litigation


Call Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph today to learn how Mr. Joseph can help your business or organization safe in the face of ever-changing environmental laws and regulations. Mr. Joseph is licensed in California and the District of Columbia, but much of his experience extends nationwide.