Even Regulations Need to Follow the Law

Turn to an experienced administrative law attorney in Washington, DC

Congress can’t handle every issue that comes up. Like it or not, agencies have become the fourth branch of government, and they get down into the policy details that Congress never could on a diverse range of issues. The attorney at the Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph can explain the different laws these agency rules and policies to increase the success of your business or organization.

Agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can set and enforce rules, typically without legislative or judicial review of the initial rule or administrative complaint. To understand and protect your rights in the unique procedural arena of agency action, you need experienced administrative counsel. Agencies also can repeal, amend or adopt new rules, which provides an opportunity to argue for better results by submitting comments or petitions to these agencies.

If you want to push for a new or even to understand existing policy, contact Mr. Joseph right away. He’ll schedule an administrative law consultation with you in Washington, DC as soon as possible.

Discover how Mr. Joseph can assist you

Rely on the Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph to provide you with the guidance you need to pursue your best interests. Mr. Joseph can help you by:

  • Challenging agency rules or permit denials
  • Submitting comments in agency rulemakings
  • Petitioning agencies to amend, adopt, or repeal rules
  • Working with targets of agency enforcement to avoid or minimize liability

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