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The firm provides counseling and litigation support primarily for corporate, trade-association, and public-interest clients:

  • Regulatory Litigation: litigation that seeks to overturn a federal or state agency's regulations or policies under the Administrative Procedure Act, the Declaratory Judgment Act, Section 1983, and equity, as well as their state-law equivalents. Examples include ARTBA v. EPA and AAPS v. Sebelius.

  • Amicus Briefs: participate in litigation by filing amicus curiae (or friend of the court) briefs. The firm's amicus practice is described here.

  • General Litigation: represent parties to federal and state litigation in commercial disputes. Examples include Martin v. Blessing.

  • Regulatory Counseling: advise regulated entities on complying with administrative regulations and on working with the agency to reform, amend, or repeal administrative regulations.

  • Regulatory/Legislative Monitoring: monitor administrative or legislative developments to protect a client's interests.

  • Corporate counseling: negotiate agreements, protect intellectual property, and analyze legal issues as they arise.


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