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Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph

Since 2003, the Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph has worked in the nation's capitol on complex issues at the intersection of law, public policy, and science, primarily in the administrative, environmental, and health fields but also in civil rights and federalism. Prior to 2003, Mr. Joseph worked in California and the District of Columbia in environmental counseling and litigation, primarily under on air quality, chemicals, and pesticides.

Areas of Public Interest

The firm regularly works in areas of public interest, including the following:

Other Areas of Interest

The firm works with individuals, industry, trade associations, and public-interest groups to advocate before regulatory agencies in Washington and California and before courts nationwide. In addition to filing comments in rulemakings, working with regulated entities in permitting and enforcement matters, the firm also files amicus curiae briefs in federal (and occassionally state) courts nationwide.

Advantages of the Firm's Structure

As a sole proprietorship in the District of Columbia, the firm does not have the weight of bureaucratic decisions (and numerous ethical and business conflicts) that larger firms can have. While in business to make a living, the firm also seeks to engage in important and complicated issues, both because they matter and because they are interesting. The firm's structure allows creating flexible interdisciplinary teaming arrangements for technical matters as well as retaining contract staff when needed. Although certain work fits well with billing by the hour, the firm regularly uses success fees and fixed-price arrangements.