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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to several frequently asked questions appear below. Please feel free to email any suggestions for expanding this FAQ page.

Q: In which jurisdictions and agencies does the firm practice law?
A: Mr. Joseph is licensed to practice law in California and the District of Columbia and has been admitted into all of the federal courts of appeal except those for the Seventh, Eighth, and Federal Circuits. (He has e-filing privileges for amicus briefs in the Seventh and Eighth Circuits.) Several U.S. district courts across the country allow non-resident attorneys to appear there, without admission into the relevant state bar, and federal agencies typically allow a state-licensed attorney to appear before the agency, no matter where the matter takes place. Finally, for areas of law where Mr. Joseph's expertise would justify the additional expense of a separate local counsel, he has appeared pro hac vice in courts where he was not eligible for admission to the bar because of his not having a license from the relevant state bar.

Q: What forms of payment does the firm accept or require?
A: For new clients with unproven ability to pay invoices on a timely basis, the firm requires an up-front retainer against future fees. The firm deposits the retainer in an IOLTA account, where it remains the client's money until the firm earns some or all of it by performing work for the client. At the conclusion of a matter, the firm will refund any amount not earned by the firm in the course of the matter. The specifics of any retainer will be explained in your engagement letter with the firm. The firm accepts credit cards (currently, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as checks and wires.)

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